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Finding Family Articles

Over the years, many of our members have shared their expertise by submitting articles to the Napa Valley Register's genealogy column, Finding Family. An archive of these articles is listed below.

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Jun 2021

Organizing your Family Photos

Chris Dunn

Apr 2021

My Trethewy Family in Cornwall

Lynn Champlin

Mar 2021 Hidden Treasures of the NVGS Sue Ziemski

May 2019

Cousins, Right Under Your Nose

Carol Kilby

Mar 2019

So What's Next?

Sue Ziemski & Nancy Levenberg

Dec 2018

Persistence, Networking and Luck Lead to Exciting Discovery

Sandy Hoover

Nov 2018

Searching for Cousin Margaret

Sue Ziemski

Oct 2018

Who was Grampa Allen

Ruth Jenkins-McIntire

Sep 2018

A 'Witch' in my tree

Lanita Stillwell

Aug 2018

Tracing a grandfather with many names

Denise Ratterman Jackson

Jul 2018

Becoming an 'Anthropologist of the self'

Michael Spencer Herzog

Jun 2018

The Wide Web of Genealogy

Karen Burzdak

May 2018

US Census - The Cornerstone for Tracing Family

Christine Dunn

Apr 2018

Finding Napa History in US Census Data

Joan Harris

Feb 2018

When a DNA test has surprising results

Sharon Bookmyer Maragoni

Jan 2018

Using Old Family Bibles for Documentation

Ruth Jenkins-McIntire

Dec 2017

What are genealogists whispering in Santa's ear?

Christine Dunn

Nov 2017

What's In a Name? - The Importance of Names in Genealogical Research

Christine Dunn

Oct 2017

Maggie's Wedding Picture

Chris Burditt

Sep 2017

Interviewing Aunt Martha

Karen Burzdak

Aug 2017

Finding My Father's 'Old Pal'

Marie Bowen

Jul 2017

Genealogical TMI

Hilary Wardlaw

Jun 2017

Finding Rhoda's Cemetery

Marie Bowen

May 2017

My German great-grandmother

Ruth Jenkins-McIntire

Apr 2017

Confessions of a genealogist's spouse

Michael Spencer Herzog

Mar 2017

Should I stash or share my family history?

Eric E. Giboney

Feb 2017

What can DNA tell you about your genetic genealogy?

Sheila Newberry

Jan 2017

Who we are and where we're going

Karen Burzdak



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